Will Support for Epicor Ever Die?

In place in which we have allowing us to not get into those kind of situations that’s a bee is on the client support site which you raise which is a very valid point so it miles today we are supporting  by seven secondly we have put in local resources so that.

we can match and they’re always closer to the customer which is where in in major centers we’ve put in our resources which provide support so that there is always face the client loves to see a face although today everything you can do through remote but once in awhile he would like to interact so at in all major locations we put in our resources who actually Prairie present us and they provide level one support so.

this is how we kind of or basically try to tackle this issue and you’ve raised a very valid issue and support for epicor which is what most of the clients do struggle but usually most of our clients has had a very great experience with us or they’re not too many platforms for us to get exposed to that so that is surely a challenge to reach out and that in fact pushes our costs up so.

if you look at a sales cost for any product organization is extremely high because you targeting a very specialized vertical sales cost is extremely high and which is where if we kind of collaborate together it will bring down our sales costs dramatically or.

there are a lot of ways to do that so your sales costs come down it will be benefit to a customers or our margins o up which you can invest back into R&D so in fact it’s it’s it’s a benefit to the entire community if we collaborate because.

Avoid The Top 10 Glutathione Mistakes

But still i want to help those that have a discriminating taste  so that’s why you know I put that in that apple juice well after about to months of taking this you should start to see whatever the body means will start to go to work but with other clients that have had that had already you know reported back many different improvements you know I also have with family member or two as husband wife one’s got dementia one has Parkinson’s  within days.

They already starting to report and they recorded on by their CAN you know they’re supporting or right now hiring on an aspect so happy that something as simple as this they can rename is having such a great effect now when I’m working with someone who you know who is very sick when the first things.

We want to do is not detoxify them because they’re only sick as it is  we want to give them good strong food nutrition and then within about  to weeks we want to start glutathione working on the liver that’s why I have my liver forgiver Pro you know substance this is  very concentrated it’s just like making an herbal tea and then we start working with the other you know additional advanced programs to help the body circle so just to remind of what we’re doing here is that.

we’re using again apple juice for the water base to mix 1 the cherry and oak my own ends giving us different nice flavor for making sure so using distilled water with the less effective lesson for the organic liquid organic is  a bit more difficult to work with but still effective but you still instead of using six.

You almost need seven of those tablespoons as we come back over here and notice in the device within three to four minutes you’re in a start scene it bubble started to break down now.

The Untapped Gold Mine Of 5.50 16 tractor tire That Virtually No One Knows About

The blue tint to it just put it up to four ounces and it’s a syringe but not to this stuff will just run right in it’s a watery and they will leave a syringe let me give you the other side of syringes wand and HS eight ounces and supposedly this stuff is on water cleanup as I’ve cleaned up rims and stuff before with the slime product in it and it’s not bad and none of this flying stuff it doesn’t rust your rims or anything else like that this hopefully doesn’t either and I don’t see.

why it would this is the stuff you don’t want you don’t want this aerosol can stuff this stuff is horrible this stuff has so many chemicals and stuff in it ammonia hydroxide it ethanol is in it Imean this stuff attracts moisture and just rust up this stuff is bad – never never put this stuff in and this is what we’re talking about not this still you can fix the flat stuff so let’s get this in here and supposedly this will fill up to a / inch hole so.

if you have 5.50 16 tractor tire  up to an inch hole somewhere in there it will fill right up we’ll just take the valve core put that right back in screw that in we’ll put some air in I love to psi are so these are ATV tires they don’t hold much here at leak and somewhere then closely you’re supposed to have sloshes around this is so liquid that it just coats everything beads heal so if you got a leaking bead sale or something it will.

just coat the slime stuff will -but you’ve got it like I said you got to put so much in there because it really just wants a gloop to the outside do you have to put it you’d probably in this tire put about a gallon to make the lime stuff be heavy enough to fall back down and still the rim surface just a ton of ton of product.

Lies And Damn Lies About book for couples

looking for silk but it’s so good to have failures no problem but how do you how fast your shift your focus from so curve difficult to circle upon stability no problem to have difficulty sir much of the cliff knee up collide more difficult and I make a thumb walk that leave the coat but it needs Le shift key opening mindset co-host about their behavior shifting and belief shifting exercises Au create Garner Barbara Pollock Nike a possibility here or Barbara could lead curvature difficult to say or a possibility difficult score now cotton car dingy Afghan candies are en courage.

Egg man book for couples Lincoln Reaper a Google drop its Co but hast we ambuscade tuna parabola Hakka soccer circular difficulty my boss stress hair a circle of possibility avoid strategy after focus kind stretch make a strategy pair leader Rebecca focus said that is going to get zoomed in moo ska sighs Guadalajara Rasalhague yoga or agar pain possibilities but Hades even myth of the undervaluing a quadruple inspector we can convert the every failure into a success you may not have resources you have research foulness octopus knocker hair bulge attained by the power external season or external reason you do not about motion cation then get the temporary hogs, not o external season lumber motivation saga next and a reason lumber motivation saga hi Kara Agoraphobia a motivation car lumber Countersignature.

leg Asia you’ve got to have an internal powerful belief system you have resourceful Nesskitni bar kidney bar get angry up goy to you’ve got two bumps back actually my next point is that the leaders of attitude are far deadlier than the diseases like cancer and brain stroke can I tell you something hey bar up gratitude crap where I eat bar other upward Qureshi APNIC accept a bus Cabanacook weenie Machop agua then nobody help you these attitudes of diseases you now because cancer Jessie be Mario the Baja kilo picker the gnocchi attitude Kabanov Anthony DeCurtis Kasab up another.

Learn All About Long-term Care From This Politician

Serve comes from a powerful sense of compassion and empathy it’s very important to remember to treat others the way you wanted to be treated and with respect I joined the nursing because I love to help the sick and elderly I’ll take care of them the way I would like someone to take care of my grandmother or grandfather I know everybody by name I can actually tell what their problem is before they come to me I feel the need to do this work because I have a lot of love to give and I loved working.

with it I love to help people especially elderly because the stories they have it feels good it’s rewarded there’s a sense of gratitude when you leave in the evenings it gives me great pleasure pride pleasure you name it I do the work of senior living professionals can be physically and emotionally demanding but it’s not done for laurels or praise the reward is long-term care in a smile or touch or in the simple knowledge that their actions enrich lives these are the daily heroes of Senior Living and their commitment knows no end hey how you doing robber came here owner of harmony homes residential assisted living facility and founder of assisted.

living University known as ALOE and today communication is going to be about how do you make money owning a residential assisted living facility Affordable housing show me the moneys now listen a minute you already know my story meaning you have heard my story before I have no formal training incarcerating I’ve never been a caregiver before and nor do I have any formal medical training or background and some of you but some of you may know me Erases. King well I have a double honorary Doctorate degree one in ministry and one in.

Business Administration and Appreciate the honor of being acknowledged in my field but I that none of that prepared me to own and operate residential assisted living facility so just want you to know that I have no special training no special background nothing that makes me want to be in industrialist’s from my past and I shared my story on many occasions that this entire career was burnt out of adversity unjust is just.

I Wish Everyone Knew About Marketing Optometry Practice

Or care clinicians struggle marketing optometry practice with is whether to use a code or code when you’re billing on patient encounter lemme see if I could summarize this little bit as as concise as possible butte code specifically have three major components they have the history they have the examination and they have the level of medical decision making the history has four different components it has the chief complaint it has the history of present illness and it haste past family social medical history and it also has the review.

of the review of systems the examination has many different components associated with it it has ten examination element sand two elements related to the mood behavior and neurological condition of the patient and the level of medical decision making has optometric marketing to deal with the complexity of the case the ultimate diagnosis what types of medications are prescribed as well as the amount of time needed to review previous data previous records of the patient when you look at case you look at at specific components of each of those three elements and their subsequent subdivisions and you actually check how many history of present illness.

is that I did I record what level of examination did I do did I just do an anterior segment evaluation because this was the person that just came in with a dry Did i do a complete examination of all elements because the chief complain twas died the person was a diabetic with uncontrolled visual symptoms or visual symptoms that were that were that were fluctuating and then the level of medical decision making is going to debased upon what you found in the chief complaint as related to the examination so there is a coding.

process that you go through there’s a checklist process that you go through and then ultimately you come up with a diagnosis lots of electronic health records are doing this for us but that has some of its own inherent problems which we could walkabout in a later point the other series of codes that we can use for office visits are the comprehensive and intermediate general optimal logical codes typically referred to as the codes the documentation for those codes are not as not as complicated as they offer the codes they.