Will Support for Epicor Ever Die?

In place in which we have allowing us to not get into those kind of situations that’s a bee is on the client support site which you raise which is a very valid point so it miles today we are supporting  by seven secondly we have put in local resources so that.

we can match and they’re always closer to the customer which is where in in major centers we’ve put in our resources which provide support so that there is always face the client loves to see a face although today everything you can do through remote but once in awhile he would like to interact so at in all major locations we put in our resources who actually Prairie present us and they provide level one support so.

this is how we kind of or basically try to tackle this issue and you’ve raised a very valid issue and support for epicor which is what most of the clients do struggle but usually most of our clients has had a very great experience with us or they’re not too many platforms for us to get exposed to that so that is surely a challenge to reach out and that in fact pushes our costs up so.

if you look at a sales cost for any product organization is extremely high because you targeting a very specialized vertical sales cost is extremely high and which is where if we kind of collaborate together it will bring down our sales costs dramatically or.

there are a lot of ways to do that so your sales costs come down it will be benefit to a customers or our margins o up which you can invest back into R&D so in fact it’s it’s it’s a benefit to the entire community if we collaborate because.

Myths About Science Keeps You From Growing

I really want the I like these let’s get the ruined Ezzor column get the palm sprout let’s get the coil grass oh but not enough pepper Jim okay we can make more palm trees and things about these okay

I can make some lowering glass sculpture or thundering glass sculptures let’s make a couple of those why not we’re not going to use all of those right now we can make fire flower patches crystal clusters all kinds of heck Siam’s we’re going to make a couple right now

I’m not going to use all those right now we’re going to use a couple of them but I do want to see what they look like so for example how about right here behind these guys decorations let’s draw up ruined desert collar who that’s neat and like right behind them

so yes look at that that’s cool so it’s it kind of like yeah it’s in the frame you know I ‘m saying that’s neat I like it good another screenshot there what else could be doing how about over by these guys

they’re like nice tropical looking plant dudes so I think palm tree ah yeah dig that I did that and then over here we can do the palm sprouts who that’s seats that are neat, okay any spots near you guys don’t have any spots like right

Next to you which is too bad but look at that’s not just like it’s such a small little thing what’s also really neat so if we make this guy if we make this place really tropical and then when it comes to these crystal formations