What the Heck Is Immanuel?

Boomers and millennials can walk on the same sidewalk go to the same coffee shop sweat at the same yoga studio stop talk relate and all with access to a radically improved healthcare model that get this revolves around you with a team of experts to help you navigate the system seamlessly connecting every single one of the dots so you can focus not an age or sickness but on health and wellness. www.immanuel.com/senior-living-choice/independent-care

if somewhere along the way we all forgot what matters let’s build a new community that helps us remember this is about you it’s about me it’s about us it’s about time and it is about time we can do so much better than we do it we can build a healthcare system that isn’t a sick care system but.

a health care system in this country how is it that a generation of people who started out life not being around many cars who had no air-conditioning who certainly didn’t know what a microwave was somehow got us to.

the moon almost years ago how is it that all the information and even some knowledge about every detail we can think of in the world including how to get to New York City driving your car or how to make just the right pecan salad or how to learn about the theory of relativity by Einstein by holding a small thing in our hand how did.