The Untapped Gold Mine Of 5.50 16 tractor tire That Virtually No One Knows About

The blue tint to it just put it up to four ounces and it’s a syringe but not to this stuff will just run right in it’s a watery and they will leave a syringe let me give you the other side of syringes wand and HS eight ounces and supposedly this stuff is on water cleanup as I’ve cleaned up rims and stuff before with the slime product in it and it’s not bad and none of this flying stuff it doesn’t rust your rims or anything else like that this hopefully doesn’t either and I don’t see.

why it would this is the stuff you don’t want you don’t want this aerosol can stuff this stuff is horrible this stuff has so many chemicals and stuff in it ammonia hydroxide it ethanol is in it Imean this stuff attracts moisture and just rust up this stuff is bad – never never put this stuff in and this is what we’re talking about not this still you can fix the flat stuff so let’s get this in here and supposedly this will fill up to a / inch hole so.

if you have 5.50 16 tractor tire  up to an inch hole somewhere in there it will fill right up we’ll just take the valve core put that right back in screw that in we’ll put some air in I love to psi are so these are ATV tires they don’t hold much here at leak and somewhere then closely you’re supposed to have sloshes around this is so liquid that it just coats everything beads heal so if you got a leaking bead sale or something it will.

just coat the slime stuff will -but you’ve got it like I said you got to put so much in there because it really just wants a gloop to the outside do you have to put it you’d probably in this tire put about a gallon to make the lime stuff be heavy enough to fall back down and still the rim surface just a ton of ton of product.