I Wish Everyone Knew About Marketing Optometry Practice

Or care clinicians struggle marketing optometry practice with is whether to use a code or code when you’re billing on patient encounter lemme see if I could summarize this little bit as as concise as possible butte code specifically have three major components they have the history they have the examination and they have the level of medical decision making the history has four different components it has the chief complaint it has the history of present illness and it haste past family social medical history and it also has the review.

of the review of systems the examination has many different components associated with it it has ten examination element sand two elements related to the mood behavior and neurological condition of the patient and the level of medical decision making has optometric marketing to deal with the complexity of the case the ultimate diagnosis what types of medications are prescribed as well as the amount of time needed to review previous data previous records of the patient when you look at case you look at at specific components of each of those three elements and their subsequent subdivisions and you actually check how many history of present illness.

is that I did I record what level of examination did I do did I just do an anterior segment evaluation because this was the person that just came in with a dry Did i do a complete examination of all elements because the chief complain twas died the person was a diabetic with uncontrolled visual symptoms or visual symptoms that were that were that were fluctuating and then the level of medical decision making is going to debased upon what you found in the chief complaint as related to the examination so there is a coding.

process that you go through there’s a checklist process that you go through and then ultimately you come up with a diagnosis lots of electronic health records are doing this for us but that has some of its own inherent problems which we could walkabout in a later point the other series of codes that we can use for office visits are the comprehensive and intermediate general optimal logical codes typically referred to as the codes the documentation for those codes are not as not as complicated as they offer the codes they.