The Top 5 Pros And Cons Of Art And Science

For more and see videos just like it and even some more in depth painting tutorials make sure you subscribe to this channel but also make sure you’re subscribed for my website for bonus content and Andrew Fleischer com of course you can find also on Facebook and Instagram look so what in a Pokemon card game art collection book so what we have is a book that was released.

In September I Was really September th of in conjunction with the Pokemon the anniversary and so inside of it it has all the car artwork from from basic all the way up to the break cards and it has awesome the all art from it and that’s really really cool so um we have a book that was we got from Japan everything’s in Japanese so I Won’t be able to read it but I do have some of the translations it comes with uh a special promo card which is really really cool and I’ll Show you that one get to it and so let’s open it up and look it’s this is really cool yes oh it comes with.

A little box like a sleeve look at that is really slick it’s a little sleeve for it it got a room I’m trying to be really careful with it slide up there you go that’s better that is awesome so it has all the energy symbols on the sleeve it says Pokemon card game art collection so let’s just open this baby up all right okay so so I’ll show you I Will go back to it so I’ll show you the card so it’s basically it’s the artwork of this it’s a Zachariah which is really really cool if you.

Remember the Zachariah from Linkedin flash point I mean flash point flash fire it’s the Stoke Zachariah so the first attack for one color Kathie first attack says Stoke flip a coin if heads search your deck for up to three basic energy and attach that to this Pokemon shuffle your deck at the worst and then the second.